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Replacement Light Covers

Material and and Labor Savings

  • Replacement light covers cost less than new light fixtures and can be installed faster.
  • New fixtures often require patching and/or painting of wall or ceiling after installation.
  • Replacing your discolored or stained light covers can dress up your light fixtures so they look like new.

Prompt Service

  • Using our library of 10,000+ drawings, we can quickly identify and furnish a written quote sent by fax or mail. We also maintain a quick-access record of the light covers ordered by our customers so that we can identify them quickly and easily.

Excellent Quality

  • The 100% virgin acrylic used to make our wrap-around light covers is guaranteed not to turn yellow for 25 years when used indoors. Exterior locations are guaranteed for 10 years.

Avoid Planned Obsolescence

  • Most new light fixtures now being made will be discontinued within 5 years. Our light covers will still be available.

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Wrap Arounds


Elevator Panels
Replacement Light Covers - Threaded Jars
Threaded Jars
Replacement Light Covers - Globes

 Replacement Light Covers - Twist Lock Globe
Twist Lock Globes
Light Fixture Covers - Tubular Light Covers
Tubular Light Covers

Light Fixture Covers - Round Refractors
Round Refractors
 Light Fixture Covers - Square/Rectangular Refractors

Square/Rectangular Refractors
 Light Fixture Covers - Flat Light Covers
Flat Light Covers
Clear Prismatic
Light Fixture Covers - Flat Light Covers
Flat Light Covers
White Stippled
Light Fixture Covers - Round Diffusers
Round Diffusers  

 Replacement Light Covers - Cubes

Light Fixture Covers - Sconces
Wall Sconces

Street Lamp

Street Lamps


Drop Panel

 Drop Panels

Replacement Light Covers - Wire Guards

Wire Guards
Replacement Light Covers - Vapor Tights

Vapor Tights





Replacement Light Covers - Cloud Diffusers

Cloud Diffusers


Replacement Light Covers - Pyramdial Diffusers


Pyramidal Diffusers

Replacement Light Covers - Retrofit Frame Doors 

Retrofit Frame Doors


Light Fixture Covers - Tube Shields

Tube Shields

Light Fixture Covers - Egg-crate Light Covers

Egg-crate Light Covers

Light Fixture Covers - Parabolic Louvered Panels

Parabolic Louvered Panels


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